✰ All-Star Awards “Video DJ of the Year”
✰ Global Spin Awards “International DJ of the Year” nominee
✰ Official Monster Energy DJ (Nouméa)
✰ VideoDJBooking Official Audio Visual Artist
✰ Video DJ Consultant @ Kaith Skool Paris
✰ Official Mix Syndicate & MixEmergency Video DJ
✰ CEO and Co-founder of VideoDJbooking.com

Highly recognized by his peers, Res-Q is an Official Rane DJ. He is also the first French artist to be drafted by two major international DJ crews: BumSquadDJz /  The Mix Syndicate and SoundForce DJs, and the first international Video DJ crew: VideoDJBooking.
He is DJing for many brands, events, venues, clubs and festivals worldwide: France, USA, Guyana, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, New Caledonia, Senegal, …
Every year since 2011, Res-Q is a Rane/Serato official Video DJ at the MixMove trade show, as well as a consultant at the Kaith Skool DJ school in Paris.
Res-Q has many affiliates and awards such as: Official Monster Energy, MixEmergency and VideoDJBooking audio-visual artist. Dakar Black Fashion Week official Video DJ with FY Agency. 2014 Global Spin Awards “INTERNATIONAL DJ of the YEAR” nominee, and 2015 All-Star Mixtape Awards “BEST VIDEO DJ of the YEAR” winner.
He is producing many video edits played by television networks and other Video DJs worldwide, like his “Jah Army” video edit (over 50 million Youtube views).
Entrepreneur, Res-Q recently launched his own brand of portable bluetooth speakers called ResQBT1, created by a DJ, for all music fans!
Multi-talented, open format party rocker, DJ Res-Q produces an out of this world audio-visual show:
Picture The Sound”.
There’s not one genre he doesn’t cover, which makes him an international, comfortable in any club, all around entertainer, and crowd please audio-visual artist.

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